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Nakamura Ryu Battodo & Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo

Japanese Sword Martial Arts

As part of the Capital Area Budokai, the Virginia Kenkonkai  trains in the Japanese sword martial arts of Nakamura Ryu Battodo , Toyama Ryu Iaido , and Mugai Ryu Iaihyodo .

Nakamura Taizaburo
Nakamura Taizaburo

Batto, like iai, is a 'drawing sword' art that begins and ends with the sword in the saya. Nakamura Ryu grew from basic swordsmanship for military officers taught at the Toyama Military Academy in the late 1920's, although it has deep roots in several koryu, or older styles.

Students learn basic sword techniques, one- and two-person forms, and cutting. There is no sparring. Emphasis is on focus and control, effective technique, and spirit. Students may occasionally be exposed to other sword arts, either by visiting instructors or through voluntary participation in seminars or competitions.

We are a full member branch of the International Batto-Do Federation , and train whenever possible with the Kakuseikai , hombu dojo of Nakamura Ryu Happogiri Toho. Some individuals in the group are also members of the US Federation of Batto Do .

Mugai Ryu was founded in 1693, and is based on older styles from the Sengoku period and a strong foundation of Zen. Emphasis is on Katsujinken. Training includes iaido (individual and two person forms, kneeling and standing), kenjutsu, and shizan (cutting).

 Our Mugai Ryu study group is an approved dojo under the EdoMugaiKai, in the Shiryukai organization led by Konishi soke'.   Visitors are welcome at any time.  Those interested in training are requested to vist a watch a full class prior to coming out on the training floor.  We are available for seminars, demonstrations, community and cultural events.

For more information on studying battodo, please contact Dave Drawdy at