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New Student Enrollment

  • The NoVA Budokai kendo club will accept new students during the first or second week of JANUARY, MARCH, JUNE (END OF MAY), and AUGUST.  See the "Events" page for specific dates.  
  • The next class starts on Sunday, May 29th, 2022 from 11am-Noon at the Fieldhouse at 18410 Murdock Street, Chantilly, VA and continues every Sunday until the end of July (except Sunday, June 26th).  
  • There will be a 7 week training program for new students, taking place on Sundays from 11:00-Noon except during certian holidays.  After week 4, the class is 30 minutes longer. 
  • Students will pay a flat $80 up front fee for the introductory course. Payment is by check or paypal via this website.  This covers the duration of the 6 or 7 week course.  After that, our standard membership schedule applies.
  • The first class of each new student session will be on the the first Friday or Sunday of the listed weeks/months, unless noted otherwise.
  • New students are also be encouraged to watch the advanced class after beginner class has ended (it continues until 1PM).
  • New students will study a curriculum to include: basic kamae, ashi-sabaki (footwork), kiai, kihon waza, kirikaeshi, etc.
  • Upon successful completion of the introductory course, new students will be allowed to wear the basic uniform (keikogi and hakama) and continue in the regular basic class.  Wearing bogu/armor comes a few month later.  
  • Students should wear loose athletic clothing with pants or shorts that do not go below the ankle.
  • Students should obtain a shinai (bamboo sword) for the class. We recommend . Standard sizes are 39 for men and 38 for women. 
  • Students with prior kendo experience may join the club without enrolling in the beginner's course, subject to instructor approval.
  • There is no prior sign-up, just show up at the first class with your forms and fee!  However, we would appreciate a quick notification by email so we will be prepared for you. 
  • We do not offer private lessons.  

For more information on studying kendo, please contact Patrick Stewart at